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Cell line allow us to dissect the internal workings of tissues in a controlled environment without the ethical implications of working with whole organisms.

Elabscience is committed to providing common experimental cell lines to laboratories around the world. All human cell lines in the bank provides STR identification reports, and mouse cell lines provide specie identify reports.

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GC-2spd(ts) STR Authentication

CFPAC-1 STR Authentication

One of the most serious issues facing the biomedical research community today is the authentication of human cell lines used in research and drug development as models of normal and cancer tissue.

Short tandem repeat (STR) is a short tandem repeat structure with a core sequence of 2-6 bases. In the early 1990s, STR locus was first used as an important genetic marker in human paternity testing.

According to the results of STR report, cell growth status (whether there is a cross-contamination with other cells) and the strain of cell lines can be confirmed.

At the present, cell line STR-profiling would appear to represent the greatest value to the scientific community for authenticating human cell lines unambiguously, quickly, and for the least expense.

In the process of cell culture, the incidence of mycoplasma infection is as high as 63%, so it is a worldwide problem to be contaminated by mycoplasma during cell culture. When cells (especially passage cells) are contaminated by mycoplasma, the expression of DNA, RNA and protein in the cell changes, but the growth rate and cell morphology of the cells have not changed significantly. Therefore, the detection of mycoplasma cells is particularly important.

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