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RAW 264.7 Cell Line

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Origin and General Characteristics

Cell Name RAW 264.7 Cell Line
Organism Mus musculus, Mouse
Age Adult
Tissue Abelson murine leukemia virus-induced tumor, ascites
Morphology Monocyte/macrophage
Growth Properties Adherent
Descriptions This cell line is easy to propagate, high efficiency for DNA transfection, sensitivity to RNA interference, and supports replication of murine noroviruses. This cell line is negative for surface immunoglobulin(sIg-), Ia(Ia-) and Thy-1.2(Thy-1.2). When this line was established, it was described as not secreting detectable virus particles and negative using the XC plaque formation assay. Based on a published study by Dr. Janet W. Hartley in 2008, this line was demonstrated to express ecotropic and polytropic MuLV, and is positive using the XC plaque assay for virus replication.Ref
Biosafety Level 2

Culture Conditions and Handling

Complete Growth Medium DMEM +10% FBS +1% P/S
Subculturing Subcultures are prepared by scraping or blowing. For a 100mm disk,remove all but 10 mL culture medium (adjust amount accordingly for otherculture vessels). Dislodge cells from the flask substrate with a cell scraperor blowing directly with the pipettes; aspirate and add appropriatealiquots of the cell suspension into new culture vessels.
Subcultivation Ratio 1:2-1:4
Medium Renewal Every 2 to 3 days
Cryopreservation Freeze medium: 60% Basal medium+30% FBS+10% DMSO
Storage temperature: Liquid nitrogen vapor phase
Culture Conditions Atmosphere: Air, 95%; CO2, 5%
Temperature: 37℃

Special Features of the Cell Line

Applications This cell line is a suitable transfection host. The cells will pinocytose neutral red and will phagocytose latex beads and zymosan. They are capable of antibody dependent lysis of sheep erythrocytes and tumor cell targets. LPS or PPD treatment for 2 days

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