Super Plus High Sensitive and Rapid IHC Kit Operation Guide Video

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This video is about how to operate Super Plus High Sensitive and Rapid Immunohistochemical Kit. For each reaction, there is a demonstration, so that the experimenters can better understand the IHC process and how to operate this kit.

Super Plus High Sensitive and Rapid Immunohistochemical Kit

Elabscience® Super Plus TMHigh Sensitive and Rapid Immunohistochemical Kit is a high sensitive and rapid immunohistochemical broad spectrum detection reagent. There is no need to do the traditional three times of xylene dewaxing, three to five times of gradient ethanol hydration or antigen repair but only one Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval Buffer heating without fume hood or traditional dewaxing/antigen repair tanks. The operation time is effectively shortened, the cumbersome operation steps are simplified so the variables in operation are reduced, and the stability is improved. The Dewaxing/Antigen Retrieval Buffer applies new environmental protection technology is not only reduces the harm to the body, but also cause no pollution to the environment.

This kit is easy to operate and fast because of the one-stop reagents used in the immunohistochemical experiment, and the high sensitive secondary antibody/ DAB detection reagents make this kit to be more sensitive than other produces.

This kit can be used to detect monoclonal/polyclonal antibody derived from Rabbit and Mouse.