Food safety is an increasingly concerned problem all around the world. In order to ensure the safety of food and feed, more than 100 countries have formulated food and feed related regulations. Elabscience® is a global supplier of food and feed safety solutions. We provide a wide range of innovative testing solutions and services for qualitative and quantitative detection of mycotoxins, residues and contaminants in food and feed.


Detecting hormones, antibiotics and illegal addition of metabolic residues in food.


The test method used is in full compliance with international regulations on mycotoxins.

Test Methods

  • Lateral Flow

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay established a quantitative ELISA method based on the selectivity and specificity of antibody and antigen recognition. The main principle of ELISA: one of these immune components is fixed in the holes of the solid phase (enzyme plate), and the detected target in the sample interacts with the antibody-antigen system. This interaction can be observed by enzymes in enzyme markers and indicate whether antibody-antigen binding occurs. The added substrate is transformed by coupling enzyme, resulting in color change, which can be measured by Microplate Reader.

Advantages of ELISA
  • High sensitivity: ppb(ng/mL) level
  • Quantitative analysis and no radioisotope pollution
  • Low batch-to-batch variation
  • Good specificity
  • Long valid period
  • Suitable for multiple samples

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The lateral flow assay kit is rapid detection cards using immunogold gold technology. The test method is based on antigen-antibody reaction. The liquid sample droplets are added to the sample hole. If the target substance exists, a color zone will be seen on the test line (T) in 8 minutes. This visual evaluation enables qualitative analysis. This rapid detection card of immunogold gold technology is easy to operate and low cost.

Advantages of Lateral Flow
  • Rapid judgment of results
  • No laboratory equipment required
  • Suitable for field analysis
  • High stability
  • Free of harmful substances
  • No training costs

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