Bacterial Expression

Competitive price: Starting from $1,200.

Short period: As short as 5 weeks.

Guaranteed Package:1~5 mg of purified proteins with a competitive price of $1,980.

High-purity protein: A variety of purification methods combined with protein purification system can customize 95% pure protein.

One-stop service platform: Elabscience® can take your project directly from gene synthesis to downstream activities including recombinant protein expression,antibody production, and assay development.

Cat. No. Service Name
S-CP-P001 Analysis of gene and target protein
S-CP-P002 Gene synthesis and preparation of expression vector
S-CP-P003 Transform and optimized expression condition
S-CP-P004 Large expression of 1L bacterial and affinity purification
S-CP-P005 Removal and subsequent purification of GST or MBP tags
S-CP-P006 Ion exchange second step purification
S-CP-P007 High resolution purification
S-CP-P008 Endotoxin removal