Polyclonal Antibody Service

Multiple antibody labeling for alternatives: Elabscience® offers multiple antibody labeling for you to choose, including Biotin, HRP, FITC, Cy3, Cy5, APC, etc.

Flexible service portfolio: Different host species (mouse, rat, and rabbit) and purification method (Protein A/G purification/ Antigen Affinity purification) are available for your research demands.

Personalized experiment scheme: Elabscience’s experienced antibody experts will design the personalized experiment scheme according to your specific requirements and applications.

Cat. No. Service Name
S-CA-P001 Peptide synthesis and conjugation
S-CA-P002 Protein expression
S-CA-P003 Polyclonal antisera from rabbit
S-CA-P004 Polyclonal antisera from mouse
S-CA-P005 Polyclonal antisera from rat
S-CA-P010 Protein A/G purification
S-CA-P011 Antigen Affinity purification
S-CA-P012 Antibody labeling (Biotin)
S-CA-P013 Antibody labeling (HRP)
S-CA-P014 Antibody labeling (FITC)
S-CA-P015 Antibody labeling (Cy3)
S-CA-P016 Antibody labeling (Cy5)
S-CA-P017 Antibody labeling (APC)