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Enhanced Cell Counting Kit 8 (WST-8 / CCK8)[362]

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Price:   $40
Cat Number:  E-CK-A362
Lead Time:   7~10 days
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Elabscience® Enhanced Cell Counting Kit 8 (WST-8 / CCK8) is a rapid and highly sensitive kit based on WST-8, which is widely used in cell proliferation and cytotoxicity detection and it is more sensitive than ordinary CCK8 kit.

Detection principle

WST-8 is a compound similar to MTT, which can be reduced to orange formazan by some dehydrogenase in mitochondria in the presence of electron coupling reagent. The more and faster the cells proliferate, the darker the color is, and the more cytotoxic, the lighter the color is. For the same cells, there is a linear relationship between the depth of color and the number of cells.




100 Tests

500 Tests

10000 Tests



Enhanced CCK-8 Buffer

1 mL

5 mL

100 mL



 One Copy



Store at 2~8°C for one year in dark. For long time storage, please store at -20°C and the shelf life can be two years.



1.   For long time storage, please store at -20°C. For ordinary usage, please store at 2~8°C. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.

2.  Mixing the cell suspension before adding to the wells to avoid cell precipitation leading to different cell number in each well.

3.  The optimum reaction time of CCK-8 depends on the specific optimum time of colour development. It is suggested that the optimum cell number and incubation time of CCK-8 should be explored by pre-experiment CCK-8.

4.  The detection of this kit depends on dehydrogenase-catalyzed reactions, so reductants (such as some antioxidants) may interfere with the detection. If there are more reductants in the system to be detected, try to remove them.

5.  For your safety and health, please wear the lab coat and disposable gloves before the experiments.

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