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One-component TMB Substrate


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Application:   ELISA


TMB is a popular chromogenic substrate for HRP detection in ELISA and is available in several formats. The soluble One-component TMB Substrate are supplied as Ready-to-Use mono-component liquids that require no preparation before use. The product mainly contains 3,3’,5,5’-tetramethylbenzidine and contains no DMF or DMSO.
_x000D_ One-component TMB Substrate yields a blue color (Amax= 370 nm and 652 nm) when reacted with peroxidase in microwell applications. The product changes to yellow (Amax = 450 nm) upon addition of a sulfuric or phosphoric acid stop solution.

Method for use

1. Add 100 μL of the TMB Substrate Solution to each microplate well.
_x000D_ 2. Incubate for 5~30 min according to the reaction system.
_x000D_ 3. Stop reaction by adding 50 uL stop solution (1M HCl or 1M H2SO4).
_x000D_ 4. Measure the absorbance of each well at 450 nm.


2-8℃, 12 months
_x000D_ Shading light.
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