Acetyl/ Phospho/ Methy Antibody

Acetylation is related with protein activity, therefore the activity of target protein can be reflected through the specific identification of acetylated target protein by acetylated antibodies, and to study the function and regulation of protein.

Phosphorylation antibodies can identify the phosphorylation or non-phosphorylation of protein, and can be applied in qualitative and quantitative analysis of phosphorylated protein under the condition of avoid radiation pollution. Elabscience’s specific phosphorylated antibodies can be widely used in applications such as Western blot, Immunohischemistry, ELISA, etc.

Methylation is an important modification of proteins and nucleic acids, which can regulate the expression and silence of gene and is closely associated with cancer, aging, Alzheimer's disease and other diseases, is one of the most important research content of epigenetics. The most common methylation modification includes DNA methylation and histone methylation.

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