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TUNEL Assay Kits

When cells undergo apoptosis, some endonucleases are actived which can cut off genomic DNA between nucleosomes (DNA ladder of 180-200 bp can be detected by electrophoresis when apoptotic cells are extracted). When genomic DNA is broken, the exposed 3'-OH can be labled by fluorescent probe or enzyme-labeled dUTP by terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT), and the compound can be detected by fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry or ordinary optical microscopy after DAB coloration. This is TUNEL method for detecting apoptosis.

TUNEL assay specifically detects DNA breaks in cell apoptotic. DNA breaks induced by radiation is different from cell apoptotis which can not be detected. TUNEL can distinguish apoptotic cells from necrotic cells without detecting non-apoptotic cells induced by radiation.

TUNEL Assay Kits

Cat Number Product Name Size Price ($)
E-CK-A331 TUNEL Assay Kit (HRP-DAB) 20T/50T/100T 300 / 600 / 960
E-CK-A332 TUNEL Assay Kit (FITC or HRP-DAB) 20T/50T/100T 300 / 600 / 960
E-CK-A333 TUNEL Assay Kit (FITC) 20T/50T/100T 300 / 600 / 960
E-CK-A334 TUNEL Assay Kit (Enhance FITC) 20T/50T/100T 300 / 600 / 960
E-CK-A335 TUNEL Assay Kit (Enhance TMR red) 20T/50T/100T 300 / 600 / 960

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