Annexin V Apoptosis Detection Kits

Apoptosis occurs like a signaling cascade of multiple events, providing many opportunities to evaluate the process. During the early stage of apoptosis, the loss of cell membrane asymmetry will take place in which embedded phosphatidylserine (PS) residues in the plasma membrane become externalized. Annexin V is a Ca2+ dependent phospholipid-binding protein that has a high affinity for PS. Flow assays based on Annexin V conjugates accordingly become sensitive quantitative detection of early apoptosis.

Annexin V Apptosis Detection Kits and Related Reagents


  • FITC
  • AF647
  • PE
  • APC
  • EGFP
  • Cyanine5
  • PE/Cyanine5
  • PE/Cyanine5.5
  • PE/Cyanine7
  • APC/Cyanine7
  • PE/TR
  • EV450
  • EV500
  • AF488
  • Biotin
Product Name
Annexin V-FITC / PI Apoptosis Detection Kit
Annexin V-FITC / 7-AAD Apoptosis Detection Kit
Annexin V-FITC / DAPI Apoptosis Detection Kit
Annexin V-FITC Reagent
Annexin V-FITC Azide-Free Lyophilized Powder
Propidium Iodide (PI) Staining Solution
7-AAD Viability Staining Solution
DAPI Reagent
Annexin V Binding Buffer(10 ×)
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