Caspase Assay Kits

Caspase (cysteinyl-aspartic acid proteases) is a proteases family, activated caspase can destroy some important intracellular proteins and induce apoptosis. Caspase usually stains in the cytoplasm in the form of inactive zymogen. Many factors can activate the activity of Caspase. Once a certain Caspase enzyme is activated, a series of other Caspase enzymes will be activated too. Caspase is expressed in the early and late stages of apoptosis.

In the assay kits, the caspase sequence-specific polypeptidase is coupled to the yellow group pNA as a substrate. Once the caspase is activated during the process of cell apoptosis, the activated caspase will shear the substrate, and the yellow group would be free. The absorbance value of the yellow group could be determined by an enzyme scaler or a spectrophotometer (lambda=405 or 400 nm).

Yellow group pNA has strong absorption near 405 nm. Elabscience® Caspase Assay kit can be used for cell apoptosis with strong specificity, high sensitivity, simple and fast operation, and high quality. It can meet your various needs.

Caspase Assay Kits

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